Are the PUBG highlight videos monetized?
     No.  None of my videos are monetized.  Even if I wanted to monetize them, it'd be impossible with all of the copyrighted music I use.  Any revenue made from ads displayed on the videos goes to the copyright holders of the songs used.

How can I submit my clips?
     Please send your clips to

Can I submit clips even if I'm not a streamer?
     Yes!  Please include either your YouTube channel name or your PUBG in-game name so I can credit you.

What video format/specs should I submit?
     Please send Twitch Clip url's, Oddshot url's or Streamable url's instead of the actual video file.  If you're not a streamer, you can attach your HD .mp4  file to an e-mail.  If the file is too big you can use something like WeTransfer or Dropbox.  Just be sure to include your credit along with the file.

Do I need to resubmit my clip if it wasn't used?
     Nope.  If your clip wasn't used, there's a chance you'll see it in a future video.  

Info On Using The Replay System
Check out the controls for using the Replay System here
      • You can backup and share your Replay files.  Check out this video on how to do it.  
      • If you plan on sending in your Replay file, please let me know the timestamp of what you want me to check out.
      • Unfortunately the most recent PUBG patch has made all previous Replay files incompatible.  Older Replays will no longer work.

What sort of clips are you looking for?
Anything you'd like me to see.  Also, please use the Replay System to capture your moments from different angles!  Be sure to hit Ctrl+U to turn the HUD off before capturing.  

How many email submissions do you receive?
     The current record is 252 emails in one 24hr period.

Anything else I should know before submitting a clip?
     • Make sure the clip is taken from the current week! 
     • Please send links to Twitch Clips and not links to Twitch Highlights or VOD's.
     • Please do not submit your edited YouTube video (No music, titles or memes).  Only raw gameplay footage will be accepted.
     • Please do not submit links.
     • Please do not submit clips where you're spectating a teammate, unless you have your teammates perspective as well.

Is there a playlist of the songs you use?
Here's a Spotify playlist of the songs used in the order of when they were used. This will be updated as future videos are released.

How are you able to use copyrighted music in your videos?
As long as you don't monetize your video, you're okay to use most copyrighted music in your videos.  Some songs with flat out block or mute your video globally if you use them.  You can look up a songs usage info here 

Why are some of the videos blocked on my mobile device?
 I don't have the exact answer, but it has to do with some of the songs I use.  For whatever reason, some copyright holders choose to block their songs' use on mobile devices in certain regions.  I'm guessing it has to do with the way ads are displayed on mobile devices.  There's always a mobile friendly Vimeo link posted in the video description if this ever happens to you.  

If you have any other questions,  please feel free to contact me here.