A Record Wall for my Wall of Records

For those of you who asked how I made my record wall....

1.) I took an 18MP photo of some records (without any outer sleeves on them).  I packed them in tight so they'd be standing up straight.  I had a lot of light so I could shoot at a low ISO for as little noise possible.  Use a tripod!!

2.) I scaled the photo up to the physical size of my wall (150" x 94") at 300dpi using the Bicubic Smoother in Photoshop.  This made an enormously massive file.  I saved it as a TIF with LZW compression.  I got the file size under 800MB with the help of LZW compression.  You get quite a bit of quality loss when upscaling this much, but from a few feet away you can't even tell.

3.) I opened the file in a program called SplitPrint for the Mac. (http://splitprint.virkkuset.com/) This program allows you to chop up an image into as many pieces as you'd like.  In my case I cut it up into 280 squares.  Around 8" each.  I exported the squares into 280 individual JPGS. 

4.) I took the files to Staples and had them print them up on matte finish card stock.  It cost me around $150.  I'm sure I could've found a better deal. 

5.) I cut all of the excess paper off of the prints.

6.) I started putting them up on the wall with double stick tape.  It looked horrible.  Edges curling up and just an overall sloppy look.  I ended up using spray mount (3M Super 77) which worked like a charm.  A little messy, but definitely worth it.  Don't use spray mount indoors.  I thought I was being careful and now my kitchen floor is sticky.